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Advantage TalentPundits

We are a company driven by a passionate urge to provide excellent customer service for our clients. We are based in Pune and provide customized services in Recruitment, Training and Management Consultancy since 2013.

Our aim is to design and implement solutions in finding talent, upgrading skills and devising management frameworks

What We Do


We are an executive search organization with our primary focus on search and recruitment of suitable professionals for all levels across industries such as IT, Manufacturing, Banking, Ecommerce, Retail, etc. We specialize in head hunting, market and candidate mapping and seeking passive candidates via social media and other mediums.


We believe in improving the performance of organizations by improving the performance of their team. We specialize in providing customized training programs in Entrepreneurship Development, - IT Functional training, Recruitment Process training and of course Behavioral Training.

HR Services

Our approach to consulting is to deliver results that match our client expectations and build lasting relationships with them. When we start working with an organization, we aim at sharing the vision, values and passion from the chief executive's perspective and develop the strategy based on that belief. We align our content with their objectives, truly believing that we prosper only if our clients prosper.